Dental implantology

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Implants are a smart investment in your smile. Nothing outlives dental implants.


Dental implants provide a great long-term solution for complete or partial edentulous jaws. Dental implants restores both functions and aesthetics as a single crown or an implant supported bridge.

We have experience and work simultaneously with basal one-piece dental implants in combination with an immediate loading protocol, as well as the classic two-part delayed dental implants. What protocol and type of dental implant is best to use in your case can be decided after reviewing an up-to-date X-ray sent by you.

About Chayka Dental

Dr. Plam Ivanova created Chayka Dental for her patient as a modern dental spa.

We are a team of talented doctors specialized in the placement of dental implants in modern dental center in Varna near to Black Sea

Dental Implant Varna
Dental Implant Varna

Dr. Plam Ivanova

Dr. Plam Ivanova have more than 17 years practice providing excellent dental work.

She takes care of all implantology cases. She holds several certificates in the field of implantology, and specializes in immediate implant placement or basal implants. She speaks fluent english.
Most patients with dental implants have different needs. As no two patients are exactly alike, the cost of dental implant therapy may vary accordingly. Visit us or send an up-to-date X-ray from your mouth and we will prepare a free plan for your treatment and how much your entire treatment will cost with us.

Dental implantology

Why dental implants are needed?

The look of your smile is important, but its functionality is major. Teeth implants are the savior, they recover the spot where teeth roots are missing with bridges or crowns. They are implanted in the bone, in place of the lost tooth root. After their upgrading and their inclusion in the structure, an extremely effective restoration of the functional unity “root – crown” is obtained.

Dental implantology

What are dental implants?

Dental implantology is the modern method for a partial or full edentulism recovery. Because of it the patient doesn’t have to worry about neighboring teeth filing and wearing crowns.

Dental implants are made of bio titanium, which connects to the bone’s tissue, making it aesthetical looking and a solid substructure for building a beautiful and healthy smile. They are a perfect solution for bridge construction, single recovery or even edentulousness.

Example before and after dental implants


Questions related to dental implants

What is the All on 4 procedure?

The All on four provides a permanent solution for the missing teeth. All-on-4 provides you with a new denture, attached to your jaw. This replacement feels and looks like your natural teeth.

This treatment is best for patients with significant tooth loss or decay and for people whose bone loss in the jaw area.